Smiling Cats – Part I

After some trial and error during the years, my website,,  has developed into selling cat themed items.  This combines 2 of my favorite things, cats and retail (more about that another time).

While visiting the Los Angeles gift show I stumbled on that “unique” cat item I was searching for to feature on my site. The item was Whimsiclay Cats  – smiling cats with bendable whiskers – designed by artist Amy Lacombe.  Because of the ease of shipping I decided to start out with the plush cats only. (Whimsiclay also has ceramic cats).  As these plush kitties are not found everywhere in all kinds of shops,  they started selling very well.  I soon followed them up with the plush “cat pillows” and slippers which also were a big hit.

Whimsiclay Plush Cats

Whimsiclay Plush Cats & Slippers

One Response to Smiling Cats – Part I

  1. Scottie True says:

    Cats are uinque creatures! I love them but unfortunately my husband prefers dogs. I have visited your website and there are so many cat items to choose from. Great place for someone who might be looking for a gift for a cat lover or for themselves.

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