Laurel Burch’s Legendary Cat Designs

It seems like cat artwork from Laurel Burch was always around as I was growing up. I enjoyed the brilliant colors and fantasy style of her cats and also her other animal artwork.  As the years went by, my styles changed and I liked other types of art more than the LB style.

Now I have found my love for it again! It’s said styles always come around and become popular again and that’s true for me concerning Laurel Burch.  So I decided to carry her designs in handbags and scarves on my website. They are colorful, fun and useful! Here are a few styles to check out. Click on the picture to link to the page on my site for more information.

Sadly Laurel Burch passed away in 2007, but her memory and artwork will live on for many years to come.

Laurel Burch Santa Fe Felines

"Santa Fe Felines" Laurel Burch Tote

"Flowering Feline Friends" Laurel Burch Tote

“Indigo Cats” Silk Scarf w/Sequins by Laurel Burch

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