The Rainbow Bridge

Our orange tabby, Sammi, recently went OTRB. (over the Rainbow Bridge)  I had to wait to write about it until I could manage without tears. (don’t think I will make it).

Only eight years old, she battled kidney disease for several years.  Three years ago she was diagnosed and the vet said she would probably keep getting flair ups and become worse.  After some fluids and medication she perked up and became our old Sammi again.  With relief I believed she would overcome the disease.

Then one day I noticed she could not pee, although she tried numerous times.  I called the animal ER ( why do they always get sick on Friday nights?) and was told to bring her in immediately.  X-rays showed a blockage in her bladder and she needed surgery right away. As this cat is my baby, I agreed and 24 hrs. and $950 later brought her back home.

Then came the “cone” time to protect her stitches. Have you ever had to keep a cone on a cat? She was not a happy camper and I spent a lot of time with her so I could take off the cone and monitor her actions.  After 2 weeks the cone came off and she started eating well and seemed to be recovering.

But I think surgery took a lot out of her.  After a few weeks her appetite slowed and she lost interest in everything.  Next came the rounds to the vet for fluids and antibiotics.  Again she perked up but it didn’t last.  We did another round of the same 2 more times. Finally she stopped responding and did not eat for 3 days.  I finally came to the realization of what we had to do.

We stayed with Sammi during the whole process.  Our vet was wonderful with her and us, giving us all the time we needed to say goodbye. We had her cremated and now have a small cedar box holding her ashes and a small mold of her paw print. Having her ashes at home with us brings some comfort.

Her “sister” cat (not of the same litter but adopted the same time) seemed a little lost at first but is getting better. We lavish a lot of love on her right now. More on that another time.

I miss my Sammi- her beautiful golden eyes, her small bump on the ridge of her nose, the way she stretched out to have her belly rubbed……uh oh, here come the tears.

Have you read the poem, Over The Rainbow Bridge?  Click on the title to view it.  Maybe a little corny, but I still like it.

Sammi cat

Our sweet Sammi, a female orange tabby.

2 Responses to The Rainbow Bridge

  1. Haylee says:

    I’m so sorry. I just took my cat to the vet today because she wasn’t eating. She has Thyroid condition. She is skin and bones and is 15 years old. We just found out she has kidney failure. They told us that we have to give her meds to try to make her eat but if it doesn’t work then they will have to put her to sleep. Let’s hope for the best.🙏🏻🙏🏻

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