Is my cat lonesome?

Eight years ago we adopted 2 kittens at a local Petsmart. We wanted two so they could keep each other company, especially when we were gone all day or overnight. Each kitten was about 8 weeks old and from different litters. We always called them “sisters”. They were like typical siblings, sometimes playing, sometimes fighting, as they grew up together.

Our yellow tabby lost her battle with kidney disease a couple of months ago. All of us miss her: me, my husband and her “sister”, named Dessa.

While I am slowly getting over the loss, I worry about Dessa.  I could tell she was a little depressed at first but seems better now.  The decision to make now is whether to get another cat or not.  Is Dessa lonesome, or getting used to being the center of attention? Do we need to do this soon before she gets too attached to us and won’t accept another cat in the house? Since she was used to having a playmate, maybe she would welcome a new sister or brother.  We dread the thought of the break-in period, and then what happens if they don’t get along?

And on our side, one cat is easier to take care of.  Less litter scooping, less noise at mealtime.  And have you tried to play with 2 cats at the same time?

But it’s also nice to have two – one for each of our laps!  (I really have enough love in my heart to have several cats to cuddle)

I’d love to hear how other people have fared in bringing another cat into an established cat household. Any special tricks to make the transition go smoothly?

Dessa cat

Dessa, our Russian Blue cat

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