Where’s Jack the Cat?

By now many of you have read the facebook story about Jack the Cat. If not, he is a beautiful long hair cat that was lost in the AA baggage area at JFK on August 25th. He now has his own facebook page so you can track his story.  Recently a FAQ section was added to get everyone up to speed about him. I have posted a link to that below.

At first I was a little suspicious that this was all a PR attempt for fame. But it’s gone too far to be just that. Now I believe the poor cat got out of his cage and is hiding, or he was stolen.  AA seems to have this whole story on a “low priority” to me. Either that or their lack of communication is making them look very bad.  Of course, Hurricane Irene also impacted the whole situation, having the airport closed.

Traveling with pets in any form can be traumatic. I would be terrified to put my cats in the baggage area of an airplane and I’m sure the owner, Karen, was not happy about doing it.  At least some airlines now allow smaller animals to be on board in a carrier.

My heart goes out to Karen and I hope this story has a happy ending. She would probably appreciate hearing some good stories about pet travels if you have them.

Read Jack’s FAQ  Jack the Cat

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  1. Fin says:

    Hi Georgia! So nice of you to drop by at my place. Please come by anytime and I will do the same!

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