Does This Cat Look Happy?

White cat with helmet hat costume

"I dare you to try & put the rest of that costume on me"

Many people like to dress up their pets for Halloween so the “whole family” is in costume.  Or maybe they want a cute photo to share with friends.

Dogs tolerate this pretty well but you sure can’t say that about cats!  You might have a sweet, docile kitty that will put up with the extra attention for a while, but most will not cooperate.  Be prepared for some growling, hissing and maybe some scratching – so have that camera at the ready!

Cat in Halloween pumpkin costume

"Any second, I'll get my chance & I'm gone!

This tabby looks like he’s had just about enough!  You can see it in his eyes, relax your grip for just a brief second and he’ll be long gone. And luck finding him for a while.

Cat in Halloween Devil outfit

"I know, I'm so cute"

Now some kitties seem to actually like the dress-up.  These cats know the rewards they will get for a few annoying minutes- extra treats and lots of attention!

According to the National Retail Federation the most popular pet costumes this year are:

Hot Dog
At least one of that group will be an easy one for you & your kitty’s Halloween portrait!
Grey Cat in Witch Hat

"Oh no, not this again!"

2 Responses to Does This Cat Look Happy?

  1. Geraldine says:

    I am not in favor of this dress-up stuff at all but I must admit, our Mr. Cheddar did don a beret for a pic or two recently!!! Only for a minute or two though. 😉

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