December Ups & Downs

December is a mixed bag of emotions for me. And probably for many of you as well.  There always seems to be a time crunch between shopping, errands and parties – what happened to those days growing up when waiting for Christmas was agony?  Would the day EVER come?

This year December brought sadness to me and my family.  My mother passed away on the 18th. Although we knew it was coming soon, it’s never easy to lose a parent.  There was comfort was being together with my siblings as we kept vigil during the long day and evening and hopefully eased her journey.  Any although my husband could not make the out-of-state trip, I heard and felt his support by phone.

For our family the December “downs” include 3 different members that have passed years ago during this month , but the “ups” include 2 birthdays we get to celebrate.  I’m honoring all of them this year.

Another comfort right now is having a warm ball of fur curled up in my lap.  It could be because of the cold weather and that she is always searching for a cozy spot, but I like to think she wants to be near.  If my kitty only knew how much she relieves my stress and heartache by my stroking her soft fur or maybe, she does!

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