Our Cat Has A New Hobby

Our Russian Blue cat, Dessa, had never paid much attention to our television.  Even when I Love Cats was on she only gave it a passing glance. Of course one has to take into consideration that our old, outdated set was not the optimum viewing to attract a kitty’s attention.

Then finally, to both mine and the cat’s delight we purchased our brand new beautiful flat screen tv.  We settle in one evening to watch our favorite shows, sitting on the couch with the cat curled on my lap as usual.  All of a sudden Dessa is at full attention staring at the screen.  We are watching a nature show about leopards and tigers.  Next thing she does is run over to the screen to get a better view, her head following the big cats motions.  When one moves off the screen view, she sniffs along the side of the tv looking for it.  We laughed so hard as this was completely new for her to do.

The first time this happened, of course my camera was in the other room.  But I managed to get a couple of shots on another night of her watching tv as you see below.  This might be old hat to many readers but you have to agree that it’s always fun to watch.

Do you watch tv with your cat?  Do you have some favorite shows?  Please share!

Russian Blue cat watching TV            Russian Blue Cat watching TV close-up

6 Responses to Our Cat Has A New Hobby

  1. Deb Smith says:

    haha! that’s wonderful! i had a kitty who would watch the races…the roundy round ones. nascar… anyway…he would watch the cars and try to catch them as they went off screen! it was such a hoot to watch!

  2. Krag Anderson says:

    I have a video of our two cats while watching one of those nature channels close to two years ago. They both jumped up in front of the TV when they heard the birds and were following them back and forth. They started looking off to the side toward the speakers and around behind the TV trying to figure out where they were and where the noise was coming from. When one of them started to paw the TV screen I figured it was best to turn the channel and get them down!

  3. Geraldine says:

    I had 4 cats many years ago who loved watching cat videos, birds!!! Thanks for the nice reminder of them. Nice blog you’ve got here!

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