Beware of Cat Crossing

There’s two distinct camps when deciding if a cat should be an “indoor only” cat or one that comes and goes.  Many believe it goes against the cat’s nature to keep it inside, when it should be outside hunting, climbing trees, chasing bugs and so forth.

For me, it only takes seeing a pile of fur at the side of the road to know which camp I’m in.  And I don’t even want to think about coyotes having a tasty meal.  In my opinion if a cat is raised inside, with lots of playtime, healthy food and a warm, dry bed then that cat has a quality life.

Driving around in residential areas at night I am always on the lookout for cats trying to cross the road. Sometimes my headlights catch their glowing eyes but many times I just see a dark shape sprinting to make it across. I cringe knowing it’s only a matter of time for that cat NOT to make it.  And I get angry at owners that let the cat out in the first place, putting it in harm’s way.

This debate could also include the subject of spaying and neutering, but I’ll save that for another day.  Also don’t get me started on declawing a cat!

Which “camp” are you in?

Cat Crossing Sign



4 Responses to Beware of Cat Crossing

  1. Deb says:

    i’m in the camp of leave ’em INSIDE! i KNOW they love it outside. omg i know that. but….i cannot stand it either when i see one hit by a car…. seen too much and i won’t have it for mine.

    we have some ferals we feed and one of them is a big ginormic black boy who is SOOOO friendly. and yes, we want him inside, but he won’t abide it. we’ll let him in the room ‘tween the house and garage and after a minute or two, he just freaks out.

    thankfully mom has the garage all fixed up nice and warm for them with shelves and beds…we’re in the back in a culdesac…and in town…so cars and coyotes aren’t a problem at the moment. they’re relatively safe.

    but we still are concerned and when mr rocky gets into his later years, he’ll be coming in with us. but he just can’t handle it…. too many years outside. it just freaks ’em out.

    • ggcats says:

      So glad to hear this Deb! I am so sad for feral cats because most of them have a bad end. At least these cats have a good meal and a safe spot to rest. Keep up the good work.

  2. Geraldine says:

    Definitely go with indoors. I totally agree about the dangers to cats in the big wide and often cruel world out there. It’s ideal if we can manage a totally enclosed and secure yard for them though. Had that at my last residence and the cats loved it so much.

    Mr. Cheddar just did a cat food review you might enjoy:

    he is a celebrity blogger! 😉

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