Feeding Time Crazies

As all cat owners know, our furbabies have an internal clock that lets them know when we should be in the kitchen fixing their meal! Our cat, Dessa, has certain routines for each mealtime.

In the morning, she is waiting for me at the bedroom door and accompanies me downstairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, instead of turning directly into the kitchen, she always goes into the living room and circles the couch (always clockwise) and then heads to the kitchen. Then it’s a constant “meooow” until I get the food into her bowl.

The evening meal is the crazy time.  She pushes that internal clock, starting in about an hour early to “persuade” me to feed her early.  She tries jumping in and out of my lap which is really disrupting when I’m at the computer. Or she’ll try the soft approach, doing a head bump or tapping me with a paw.  All the while she is meowing loudly which is what usually makes me give in to get some peace & quiet (I know, I know, I’m letting her “push my buttons” as my husband says).

But now comes the fun part as you’ll see in these photos.  She goes a little frantic, dancing around and meowing as I prepare her food. Then she jumps and climbs up the cabinet, bracing against me to hold herself up, trying to see what I’m doing.  I always have to laugh at this. She can very easily jump up onto the counter, but never does. That’s not part of the routine!

Dessa Looking

Dessa checking out the situation

Dessa getting ready to jump

Dessa crouching & getting ready

Dessa jumping & bracing

Dessa bracing against cabinet & me!

It’s always fun to hear about different cats and their idiosyncrasies.  No two kitties are alike, that’s why we love them so!  We’d love to hear from you and your favorite cat story.  Send us a comment! And we also invite you to visit our website, www.georgiasgifts.com  for all your cat lover gifts.

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