Cat Road Casualty- What Would You Do?

This is not a fun topic, but it is reality.  This week driving to work I came across a dead cat in the road.  In the past I have stopped and pulled a cat’s body to the curb so it would not get run over again and possibly the owner could find it.  This time I did not have the heart to do it and drove on after looking to make sure that it was indeed a casualty. But it has been weighing on my mind ever since.

I know everyone has seen cats in the road. What should you do?  Should you call animal control? Knock on doors to try & find the owner? Take it to a vet?  I do think if it was still alive I would do this, IF it would let me near.

I go through a lot of emotions when I find a cat like this. My first reaction is a deep sadness for the poor cat.  I say a little prayer for his soul and hope that he went instantly.  Next I feel anger that the owner let the cat outdoors. I am a definitely advocate for keeping your pet indoors.  How many thousands of cats have to die by cars, coyotes, snakes, poison and more before people see the good sense of this?

I’m planning to make sure I stop next time there is a poor kitty in the road. But I would like to hear from you.  What would you do?  Tell me your stories.  And go give your kitty a kiss and scratch and be glad it is safe and sound with you, INDOORS.


Me and our lovely Dessa.

2 Responses to Cat Road Casualty- What Would You Do?

  1. Scottie says:

    I feel sad when I see any animal that has been hit. I just don’t understand how the owner can let their pet run loose. They wouldn’t let their children run loose! People need to be more responsible if they own a pet!

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