Whimsiclay Plush Cats- The End of An Era

December 7, 2015

I remember when I first saw the adorable, whimsical, plush cats by Whimsiclay. Their smiling eyes and pom-tipped whiskers captured my heart right away! After almost 10 years, I still adore them just as much!

Back then I was strolling through a trade show, looking for a new product to showcase on my upcoming website, when they caught my eye. The booth that sponsored them was really highlighting plush fairies, which were big at that time. On a side table were the plush cats.


Sweetie Cat has always been a top seller in all sizes.

I was familiar with the Whimsiclay ceramic cats, designed by artist Amy Lacombe. Many of the plush were patterned after some of the more popular figurine pieces. They were soft and colorful with a face that made you smile.  I knew right then that I had to have them to sell, first in my retail gift store and then later on my cat themed web site.

Through the years these plush cats, available in 2 sizes, plus a folding pillow, then cat slippers, have been consistent sellers.

One of my favorites was the sweet “Marsha” cat pillow, so perfect for a young girl’s room. This style sold out years ago.marshapillow


Here is colorful and fun Peppermint Cat. Other holiday cats include Rudy, Poinsettia and Winter Parfait.Sierra Exif JPEG


There have also been cats just for fun! Like Shanice in sunglasses, shown here. She also sometimes sports a red cap in place of the glasses.Sierra Exif JPEG


The plush line evolved into cat handbags and cat face slippers, such as Chili Cat slippers shown here.


This does seem like the “end of an era” and I am saddened to see them go. I am happy to let you know that I was able to stock up on some of the styles so you will be able to get them for a while on our site. The plush kitties make special gifts for a cat lover, especially at the holiday season.

So if you own one of these cuties, hang on to it!





Cat Kitchen Towels

July 2, 2011

Being a cat-lover, through the years I have received many cat themed gifts. (It makes an easy gift for friends & family- and I’m NOT complaining). I definitely have a certain “type” of cat things I prefer, as you probably do also.

Lately I’m getting more & more into cat kitchen towels. I’ve always had some of the usual cotton terry towels but now I’m expanding into other fabrics.  Most recently Irish linen.  Linen towels have always been around and known for being the “good drying towels” for glasses & silverware. I had just never used them.

I found a well-known Irish linen company called Ulster Weavers. Previously they shipped only from Ireland, but with these economical times, they finally allowed part of their designs to be made in China and shipped from a location in New York.  And since they had several cat designs I ordered some for my web site to sell.

As I said, I have never used linen towels before.  I pre-washed these as recommended but also learned they need to be ironed to keep their crisp look.  So I’m getting an education about linen!  They do dry very nicely but I actually like them more as decoration. Besides hanging, they make beautiful placemats under a centerpiece on a table or under a tea service.  And a wonderful keepsake type of gift for a cat-lover.

What experiences have you had with linen towels? Do you prefer them?  I’d love to hear your feedback.

As for my website, I plan to expand my catalog with different types of towels (with cats of course) that are available.  I hope you will check in occasionally and see what’s new!


Irish Linen Towel, Conservatory Cat

"Conservatory Cat" Irish Linen Towel