Gift Show Treasure Found!

February 22, 2017

Yes, it is Gift Show time in the retail world! I traveled the short distance to the Los Angeles Wholesale Show as usual, hoping to find a new cat themed treasure to share with my customers.

Walking the isles, I will sometimes spot something out of the corner of my eye. Is that a cat design? Yes! So I stop and enter the booth area to see more.

This time it is a new line of baby onesies. This is an item that draws my interest as baby clothes are so darn cute! And it is a category I sometimes carry on my cat lover website, Georgia’s Gifts. This is a new company, started by a young entrepreneur and mom, Emily.  As often happens, she did not find the designs that she wanted for her new baby, so decided to design her own and the Baby Blastoff! fashion line was launched.


Fun cat themed design- “Cat Me If You Can”

Here’s some of the things I love about these “baby bodysuits”:

  • Luxuriously Soft! Made from bamboo/cotton fabric.
  • Original artwork by owner and creator.
  • Vibrant and fun colors.
  • Certified to be free of chemicals & substances.
  • Extra length for better fit & reinforced closure.
  • And did I say SOFT?

Product is proudly manufactured in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I can’t wait to receive these unique cat themed baby onesies, along with some fun, coordinating pants. Besides looking adorable when wearing one of these outfits, what a great gift for a baby shower or birthday!

Keep watch on my website for this new arrival. Or even better, sign up for our email newsletter & we’ll let YOU know! 

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Answers to Cat Quiz in 9/27 Email

September 27, 2011

Thanks to all my email subscribers for your interest!  In my recent email I gave you a  fun “Cat Quiz”.  Here are the answers so you can see how you scored…..

  1. “What is a group of cats called?” –  A group of cats together is called a Clowder.
  2. How fast does a cat’s heart beat?” – At 110 – 140 beats a minute, a cat’s heart beats almost twice as fast as a human heart.
  3. “What is the scientific term for a cat lover?”– A cat lover is call an Ailurophilia.
  4. “Which one can hear better, a cat or a dog?” – Cats can hear better than dogs and humans.
  5. “How many vocal sounds can a cat make?” – Cats have over 100 vocal sounds. Dogs have only 10.

So how did you do? Are you a true Ailurophile?