Continuing Search for New Cat Lover Gifts, Part II

February 23, 2013

In part I of my search I talked about some great new decorated cat tag pendants.  Today I’ll tell you about one new product line I now have on my website, plus a new style on a regular line.

I was very excited to find a whimsical and heartwarming group of cat frames , cat mugs and message stones. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in the world of retail, the mugs were out of stock for a couple of months.  I loved the mugs, but the frames are still outstanding and hold their own. There are several styles, and I’ll show you a couple here, but my favorite is the one that says, “Best. Cat. Ever.”  Of course, if you have several cats, you might have to get several frames, because aren’t all your cats the Best Ever?

Cat Frame with words "Best.Cat.Ever"

“Best.Cat.Ever” Cat Frame (click for larger view)

Who Rescued Who Cat Framee

“Who Rescued Who? Cat Frame (click for larger view)

This frame will warm your heart!  If you have a rescue pet, sometimes you  wonder, who rescued who?  They come into your life and fill your heart with love and joy.  Give them a place of honor with this photo frame.

Do you love Calico kitties? See our new design of a magnetic mailbox cover along with a matching standard flag and garden flag. This attractive cat art by Susan Bourdet will capture your heart. Team it with a flag to decorate your porch, yard or garden.

Calico Kitties Mailbox Coverr

Calico Kitties Mailbox Cover (click for larger view)

Next, check out these new bold and colorful garden size flags with quotes. The striking art is by Ginger Oliphant.

Cat Garden Flag- Beauty IsCat Garden Flag- Nine LivesCat Garden Flag- I Will Try

I hope you like these new additions to our website! We have more items coming, such as new Claudia Sanchez ceramic tiles (Part III) and some restocking of the popular Laurel Burch cat handbags and scarves.

And as always, we welcome any comments on these products and suggestions on new ones. Let us know what YOU want!

Heartbeat Of A Cat

November 14, 2012

I have a secret favorite thing to do. I like to hold my kitty in a certain way so I can feel her heartbeat. There’s something about that soft but constant beat that assures me that my beautiful girl is healthy and happy. Plus it reminds me that this is a warm, furry creature of nature that’s allowing me to be in its world for a moment before struggling to get free from my firm grasp.

I did some research about “cat’s hearts” online. Below is a diagram of a cat’s anatomy just to show where a cat’s heart is located to make it easier for you to find the spot to feel the heartbeat.  Did you know a cat’s beat is almost double that of a human’s?  The range is from 120 – 220, depending on how excited your cat is.  A relaxed cat should be around 130.

I also watched a few anatomy dissections which I prefer not to even think about again. And I read about heart disease in cats and what to look for and do but that’s not the purpose of this post.

I’d rather think about that sweet heartbeat in my kitty as a confirmation of life and appreciate her for just being the wonderful creature she is – a cat!

Dessa cat washing paw

Is my cat lonesome?

August 12, 2011

Eight years ago we adopted 2 kittens at a local Petsmart. We wanted two so they could keep each other company, especially when we were gone all day or overnight. Each kitten was about 8 weeks old and from different litters. We always called them “sisters”. They were like typical siblings, sometimes playing, sometimes fighting, as they grew up together.

Our yellow tabby lost her battle with kidney disease a couple of months ago. All of us miss her: me, my husband and her “sister”, named Dessa.

While I am slowly getting over the loss, I worry about Dessa.  I could tell she was a little depressed at first but seems better now.  The decision to make now is whether to get another cat or not.  Is Dessa lonesome, or getting used to being the center of attention? Do we need to do this soon before she gets too attached to us and won’t accept another cat in the house? Since she was used to having a playmate, maybe she would welcome a new sister or brother.  We dread the thought of the break-in period, and then what happens if they don’t get along?

And on our side, one cat is easier to take care of.  Less litter scooping, less noise at mealtime.  And have you tried to play with 2 cats at the same time?

But it’s also nice to have two – one for each of our laps!  (I really have enough love in my heart to have several cats to cuddle)

I’d love to hear how other people have fared in bringing another cat into an established cat household. Any special tricks to make the transition go smoothly?

Dessa cat

Dessa, our Russian Blue cat

Do You Have a Favorite Cat Breed?

May 28, 2011

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite but for 20 years we had a beautiful grey tabby which was the love of our lives.  He was a smart, loveable and playful cat who would “shake” hands (or paws) with us. On his passing we felt a big hole in our day-to-day routine.  Getting his ashes returned to us in a small cedar box was actually a great comfort.

After nearly a year we finally decided we were ready to introduce a new cat into our lives. But this time we decided on two – so we could go on a trip without so much worry about our poor lonesome kitty left at home alone.  So we went down to Pet Smart on adoption day to find our new family additions.

After a couple of hours (I have a hard time making up my mind) we chose 2 completely different kitties to bring home.  A Russian Blue so sweet and playful she melted my husband’s heart and a tiny, confused little orange tabby that captured me.

Sammi & Dessa as kittens

Our sweet new babies!

Raising these small creatures was so different from our last years with our mature cat!  First of all, they were so little! Now we had to worry about them getting caught under a chair or tripping on them. And I remember rushing one to the cat ER on the weekend because of breathing problems. But at the same time, they were so adorable to watch as they explored their new world and grew from cute kittens to playful cats and then to adulthood.  Not sure I would want to do it again, but I’m glad I had the experience.

Sammi and Dessa Cats

They still like to cuddle!