Mom’s Love of Animals Adds Much Joy

May 6, 2016

When your Mom has passed on it’s always a little rough on Mother’s Day. Although as the years go by it does get easier. I am lucky to be able to still enjoy the love and kindness of my “other mom”, my mother-in-law, Shirley.

Shirley is at a point where she needs assistance with living and doesn’t get to go places as much as she used to. So her world involves a lot of reading and television. And the one subject that brings her much joy, as the title states, is her love of animals, in particularly dogs.

I’ve always known she loves dogs and have heard many, many, stories from her and my husband about the “extremely smart” dog, Skeet, they had when my husband was growing up. I think we all believe our childhood pet was the Best. One. Ever.

National Geographic and Animal Planet shows have given Shirley hours of pleasure along with many books on the subject of dogs. We have visited book stores and libraries to search for more and more books which she reads over & over (and she is a very fast reader!) .

Shirley and dog Jet

Shirley with a personal visit from “Jet”.

A nice bonus is that the apartments she lives in sometimes brings in dogs to visit the residents. We have also arranged for a few “personal” dog visits to her room. I’ve seen first hand how much pleasure this brings her and lightens her spirits. Nothing beats petting a real live warm, furry dog and getting sloppy kisses & licks from a wet tongue!

So although I am and always will be a cat lover first, I definitely agree that dogs give you unlimited love and can bring much joy. I am so glad that Shirley still gets a taste of that joy!

 Happy Mother’s Day!

Shirley, Richard and Georgia

Georgia, Shirley and Richard


Remembering Mom’s Love of Animals

May 2, 2012

This year Mother’s Day will be different- it will be the first one without my Mom.  Because this is a hard time, I’m choosing to remember some of the wonderful things she enjoyed during her years. One of these is her love of animals.

Growing up we had the usual run of family pets. And of course there’s always one pet in every family that stands out, ours was “Buddy”, a collie and shepherd mix. This was the dog we all grew up with and remember to this day.

Later on my Mom almost always had some type of pet in her house. She found out what an amusing companion a bird could be with a cockatiel named “Babe”. These birds are intelligent and very social and Mom and Babe were very fond of each other.

Another of Mom’s loves was “Macho”, a Doberman. Although he looked fierce he was really just a big softy and loved to be pet. But one wouldn’t dare try and harm his loving owner!

Besides owning & caring for a pet, Mom would contribute to various animal charities such as the ASPCA. She couldn’t afford much but always found a few dollars to give. When she passed, we asked that in lieu of flowers that people donate to a local charity in her town in her name. I think she really would have liked this.

Nora Haight, 1931-2011. With “Babe”

Her last faithful companion was a poodle, also named “Babe”.  (I think my Mom really loved that name).  This little dog gave her a lot of pleasure during her last year or two, which were rough years.  We should never, ever, underestimate the power of a loving pet!

I really believe that Mom instilled the love of animals in me and my siblings. We all always have a pet in the house. Most of my family lean towards dogs, but I am a cat lover through and through. How could one live a life without a cat?

Happy Mother’s Day to all.  My advice – take every chance you can to let your Mom know that you love, value and appreciate her.

PS: Babe is with a loving family and doing well!